About Zonneheerdt

About Zonneheerdt


As the third generation I am proud of this family business in the Flevopolder, where we can grow our agricultural and vegetable crops on the most fertile soil from the bottom of the sea.

Colour with flavour

Our business offers a variety of field vegetables grown mainly by ourselves, like coloured carrots and beets.

Our thoughts

By growing vegetables with colour and flavour Zonneheerdt would like to let you taste the real flavour of vegetables. Because of our flat taste we don't taste the difference between a main course and an appetizer anymore. We give more attention to the wide taste from bitter to sour and from sweet to salty in our daily lives. Considering we should choose first our vegetable continued by the choice of meat or fish.

Our children should understand and appreciate where our vegetables are coming from and experience the real taste. Healthy food is the best medicine.

Employing the sustainable way of growing our products following the concept of “veldleeuwerik”, Zonneheerdt would like to let people enjoy tasteful vegetables from the soil of Flevoland and invite the agricultural farms to participate in the healthiness of our society. The vegetables we grow with passion are tasty, colourful and healthy.



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