Over Zonneheerdt

Zonneheerdt agricultural farm







The Netherlands is famous for their outstanding seed potatoes, which we use as planting material for the growth of our potatoes.These potatoes you can buy as fries or table potato in the supermarket or at your greengrocer. We supply our potatoes to Aviko www.aviko.nl





Seed onions


We grow beautiful yellow onions for the long term storage so the consumer gets a quality product in the supermarket all year round. We choose good quality varieties. Besides that we can grow onions once every 8 years at the same plot, because of a wide ranged cropping plan. This guarantees a good quality. We also multiply onions for Hazera used for seed production.

www.wiskerke-onions.nl www.hazera.nl



Bread making wheat


For our daily bread and animal feed we need wheat. We mainly grow wheat to let the soil rest, so when we grow root crops we can give them a good and healthy soil structure. We try to choose the right varieties to grow a good quality of bread making wheat. We do this in collaboration with Veldleeuwerik for Koopmans in dialogue with Agrifirm.

www.agrifirm.nl www.veldleeuwerik.nl www.koopmansmeel.nl


Malting barley

Barley is the base component for a good beer! I grow barley because it is a beautiful product and in the summer the soil is quickly available again for the growth of a good green manure crop. Therefore, birds like the skylark, lapwing and yellow wagtail get the chance to nest on an uncovered soil. Our barley goes via Agrifirm to Hollandmalt where it will be processed by Heineken. Our barley is part of the sustainability project of “Veldleeuwerik”.

See also:  www.agrifirm.nl, www.hollandmalt.nl


Sugar beets


It is impossible to imagine our lives nowadays without sugar. We make sugar from our beautiful sugar beets, that we use in our food every day. But the sugar beet is more than that. Nowadays we even make plastic from it. We use every part of this plant; have a look at:



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