Farming vegetables and agricultural products nowadays have to meet several of requirements to guarantee the quality of our products according to food safety and Global GAP certification. With the help of foundation “Veldleeuwerik” we work towards a sustainable agricultural farm.


All our products are certified by Global G.A.P (Good Agricultural Practice). This is a businesses to businesses certification, wich assures consumers of safe and sustainable products, with a focus on nature, environment and health and safety conditions.
Our complete production process is certified by this worldwide standard.
For more information go to: www.globalgap.org

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A succesful long term investment maintains good balance between the care of people, the environment and making profit. That is why Zonneheerdt is a member of the sustainability concept of foundation “Veldleeuwerik”. Their aim is to be economical with sources like water, soil and air. Every year we make a sustainability plan with new goals for the new planting season. We work continiously on a sustainable production process. More information www.veldleeuwerik.nl


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