Doing business

Doing business with Zonneheerdt

Our vegetables have a long history, but unfortunatly are unknown by many people. We are proud of the unique vegetables we grow and process to a beautiful end product for retail, the food service, industry and last but not least, the consumer.

Retail, Food service and Processing Industry

Because of the huge varieties in colour, taste, processing and preparation possibilities our vegtables are an added value for:


We distribute all our vegetables in wooden crates or EPS-fust by various distributors. We deliver to the hospitality industry and retail businesses both domestic and international.


Hospitals, the catering industry, and healthcare institutions put a diverse, healthy and tasteful meal on the table with the colourful carrots and beets.

Processing Industry

Our carrots and beets are also very suitable to be processed in frozen meals, salads, juices etc.

Your initiative

Please contact us if we inspired you with new ideas for our vegetables or when you would like to have more information. Together we can look at the possibilities to put the product according to your wishes into the market.

Contact with Zonneheerdt




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