Our varieties

Our vegetables are sold under the brand name “Zonneheerdt” The washed, but otherwise unprocessed products are for example offered in crates of 5kg and are very suitable for restaurants and the foodservice industry within Europe.

For more information please contact Martin Topper: +31 (0) 6 533 77 503 or info@zonneheerdt.nl

Various vegetables



Through sustainable cultivation of field vegetables, Zonneheerdt would like to let people taste the real flavour of vegetables. Our children should get to know the real taste of vegetables again. With the sustainable way of growing, Zonneheerdt would like to let people enjoy tasteful vegetables of Flevoland ground. The vegetables of Zonneheerdt are grown with passion, are tasteful, colourful and healthy. Read more to get a better overview about our vegetables at our agricultural farm.


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