Five colour carrots Health Coloured carrots naturally contain a lot of nutrients which are good for the human body. They contain a high percentage of antioxidants, for a healthy metabolism. Yellow carrots are especially rich in Lutein; this substance keeps your eyes in good condition.  Methods of use The mix of coloured carrots is very suitable for stir-fry. This mix contains 5 colours including orange, yellow, soft yellow, salmon and white. Stir-frying the carrots in oil is the one of the best ways to bring out the the typical refreshing, sweet taste , but you can use the carrots in all different kind of dishes. Product information Five colour carrots
Product group: Root vegetables
Variety: Rainbow
Volume: 5 kg
Packaging: Wooden crate
Origin: the Netherlands
Storage temp.: 0,5 - 3 degrees Celsius
Shelf-life: Unprocessed 1-2 weeks
Available: Mid September until end of April
Grower: Topper
Energy: 48 kJ (11kcal)
Alfa-carotene: 10
Beta-carotene: 39
Lutein PPM: 6,9
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