Purple carrot Health Coloured carrots naturally contain many nutrients wich are very good for the human body. Purle carrots contain a higher level of Beta carotene than orange carrots. Purple carrots also have a large amount of Anthocyanin, a purple red pigment.  Methods of use Just like beets, purlpe carrots spread colour while cooking. Cook and prepare purple carrots separately. This purple carrot is very tasteful. Product information purple carrot Product information Purple carrot
Product group: Carrot vegetables
Variety: Deep Purple, Purple Sun
Packaging: Wooden crate; adjustments can be made at your request
Origin: the Netherlands
Storage temp.: 0,5 - 3 degrees Celsius
Shelf-life: unprocessed 1-2 weeks
Available: Mid September until end of April
Grower: Topper
Energy: 48 kJ (11kcal)
Alfa-carotene: 7
Beta-carotene: 16
Lutein PPM: 9.9
Anthocyanins: 165700 ug / 100g
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