Root parsleyMethods of use Root parsley is a variety of the regular parsley of which people use the leaves. This root parsley is grown for its white taproot. Root parsley has the shape and colour of a parsnip, but the taste is more like regular parsley with a nutty flavour. Delicious in soups and sauces but also in “stampot” ( a Dutch potato and vegetable mashed dish) Tip Beautiful white sometimes branched root with a parsley nutty flavour. Hardly any carbohydrates so very useful in a carbohydrate free diet. Product information Root parsley
Product group: Root vegetables
Latin name: Petroselinum crispum var. tuberosum
Origin: the Netherlands
Storage temp.: 2 – 4 degrees Celsius
Shelf-life: about 1 – 2 weeks
Available: September until June
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