Yellow carrot Health Coloured carrots naturally contain several nutrients. They contain a high level of antioxidants for a healthy metabolism. Particularly, yellow carrots are rich in Lutein, a nutrient that keeps your eyes healthy.  Methods of use This yellow carrot can be used for all cooking methods and has a fresh, sweet taste. Product information Yellow carrot
Product group: Carrot vegetables
Variety: Mello Yello
Volume: 5 kg, 10 kg
Packaging: Wooden crate, net bags; adjustments can be made at your request
Origin: the Netherlands
Storage temp.: 0,5 - 3 degrees Celsius
Shelf-life: Unprocessed 1-2 weeks
Available: all year around
Grower: Topper
Energy: 48 kJ (11kcal)
Alfa-carotene: 0
Beta-carotene: 1
Lutein PPM: 4,9
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