Vegetables of yesteryear

Delicious taste and beautiful color

At our arable farm in Flevoland, we grow, wash and process a variety of colorful field vegetables, such as colored carrots and beets. They are flavorful products grown with passion.

Several colorful field vegetables
Sustainable production process

Our products

We grow several colorful outdoor vegetables, such as colored carrots, beets and parsnips. They are flavorful products grown with passion.

Colors of carrot

Colors of carrot

We have our colored carrots in a variety of colorful colors. From red to purple and from white to yellow carrots.

Colors of crucibles

Colors of crucibles

Beautiful colorful beets with a powerful flavor. Its earthy flavor combined with a slightly sweet hue makes for many unique uses in a variety of dishes.

Various vegetables

Various vegetables

We also grow several other dishes, such as parsnips and carrot parsley. They are also called forgotten vegetables.

Color with more flavor

Our story

Color with more flavor

Zonneheerdt aims to give people a taste of the true flavor of vegetables by growing vegetables with color and flavor. Because of our flat taste, we no longer taste the difference between the main course and the appetizer. It is important to pay more attention to the broad taste from bitter to sour and from sweet to salty in our daily food and to choose vegetables first before choosing meat or fish.

Sustainable production

Delicious vegetables



All of our products are certified. Here, Global G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice) was chosen. The entire production process is certified to this global standard. A long-term investment involves a good balance between caring for people, the environment and making a profit,. This is why Zonneheerdt participates in the sustainability concept of Stichting Veldleeuwerik. This involves the economical use of resources, such as water, soil and air.

production process

Production Process

In our production process, we wash and sort all kinds of colors of vegetables. Fortunately, for the rinsing process, we do not need an endless amount of water because a recirculation system has been installed on our property. Once the vegetables are rinsed clean, another visual inspection follows to sort out any growth cracks and other conditions. Then they go to the weighing machine. Here, weighed quantities enter crates directly and are prepared for shipping.

cultivation company

Growing Farm

The Topper family came to Dronten in 1962 and from 1970 Jannes Topper continued to expand the arable farm and began growing potatoes, seed onions, sugar beets, malting barley and baking wheat. This farm his son Martin Topper, later took over and he himself continued the arable farm his father had started. We still enjoy growing these products.

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Due to the wide variety of possibilities in terms of colors, flavors, processing and preparation options, our vegetables are an added value for: retail, food service and industry. Please feel free to contact us if we have given you an idea as a result of our colored vegetables or if you would like to know more.

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Zoek jij voor komend jaar een uitdagende stage plaats? Kijk dan op onze website, wat wij zo al doen met ons team. 

Ben je geïnteresseerd in ons bedrijf, stuur dan gerust een bericht zodat wij samen kunnen kijken naar de mogelijkheden.

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Loonbedrijf Klompe heeft inmiddels diverse percelen gefreesd en ingezaaid.

Loonbedrijf Klompe  Loonbedrijf Klompe #zonneheerdt #zaaien #gefreesd #seizoen #wortels #bietjes #polder #Topper #samenwerking #percelen
Onze website heeft vanaf vandaag een nieuwe uitstraling. Ben je nieuwsgierig, neem gerust een kijkje om meer te weten te komen over ons bedrijf Zonneheerdt. De website is in samenwerking met @vwadigitalagency ontwikkeld. 

#Zonneheerdt #website #lancering #uitstraling #ontwikkeld #producten #onsBedrijf #kleurmetmeersmaak  #vwadigitalagency VWA digital agency
Wij hebben in ons bietenassortiment allerlei verschillende kleuren en rassen. Chioggia bijvoorbeeld, Touchstone Gold, Boldor, Albina Ice, Carillion en Manzu, een rode biet. Op de rode biet na is de Chioggia biet misschien wel de bekendste van het stel. Dit oude en smaakvolle ras is afkomstig uit het Italiaanse vissersdorpje Chioggia, heeft een zoete smaak en wanneer je de biet opensnijdt wisselen de kleuren roze en wit elkaar in ringen af.

#zonneheerdt #teelt #vollegrondsgroenten #topper #kleurrijk #bietjes #sakata #chioggia
Wij telen, wassen en verwerken verschillende kleurrijke vollegrondsgroenten, zoals gekleurde wortelen en bietjes. 

Zo telen wij ook rode wortelen.

#Zonneheerdt #rodewortel #teelt #wortels #vollegrondsgroente #topper #peen #kleurrijk #bejo #redsun
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