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Our arable farm grows the various products together with a regular group of other growers in the area.

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Sustainable production process

Wide range of products

On our land during the harvest season, our vegetables along with a good amount of soil are transported in cubic boxes to cold storage facilities in our immediate area. The carried soil ensures that our turnips and carrots can be stored for a long time and continue to “live on. This keeps them fresh and tasty. This allows us to process the various types of carrots and kroot, carrot parsley and parsnips on demand throughout the year.

At Zonneheerdt itself, we always have a wide range of bulk products in stock. This enables us to prepare our orders as soon as possible in advance so that each product reaches the customer as fresh as possible.

A cubic box is emptied onto a roller grader so that most of the soil that comes with it is removed immediately. After this, the carrots or turnips enter a sorting machine and the vegetables are sorted by size. The desired size rolls per belt directly into the rinsing drum and is washed there so that all residual soil is removed. The selected vegetables return to a cubic box and go directly into cold storage.

For the flushing process, we do not need endless amounts of water because a recirculation system has been installed on our property. This allows 90% of the source water used to be reused. After rinsing, the washed vegetables are rinsed with tap water. Once the vegetables are clean, they are checked for growth cracks or other conditions and proceed to the weighing machine. Here, weighed quantities enter crates directly and are prepared for shipping.

We offer our products in various quantities in the market. Our frontrunner is the Zonneheerdt 5 kilo crate made from sustainable wood. But we supply a legion of quantities and packaging. From bigbag to 1 kilo container. In this way, we always try to think along with the wishes and needs of our customers.


Field vegetables

Zonneheerdt wants to use sustainable cultivation of outdoor vegetables to give people a taste of the true flavor of vegetables. Our children need to know the real taste of vegetables again. Through the sustainable way of growing, Zonneheerdt wants people to enjoy delicious vegetables from Flevoland soil. Vegetables from Zonneheerdt are grown with passion, are tasty, colorful and healthy.

Zonneheerdt outdoor vegetables

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