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Our vegetables are sold under the brand name “Zonneheerdt.” The washed but otherwise unprocessed products are offered in 5 kg crates, among others, which are very suitable for the catering and food service channel worldwide.

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At our arable farm in Flevoland, we grow, wash and process various colorful outdoor vegetables, such as colored carrots and beets. They are tasty products that are grown with great passion.

Colors carrot

Purple carrot

Yellow carrot

White carrot

Purple Haze

5 colors of carrot

Colors beetroot

Chioggia crowns

Yellow crowns

White crowns

Carillion crowns

Red crowns

Various vegetables


Carrot parsley

Cultivation company


Field vegetables

Zonneheerdt wants to use sustainable cultivation of outdoor vegetables to give people a taste of the true flavor of vegetables. Our children need to know the real taste of vegetables again. Through the sustainable way of growing, Zonneheerdt wants people to enjoy delicious vegetables from Flevoland soil. Vegetables from Zonneheerdt are grown with passion, are tasty, colorful and healthy.

Zonneheerdt outdoor vegetables

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